Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Bumpstop music on the campus.

Your readers might like to know about Radio Dentalayer at Whalerpoly Institute, Troy. V.C. which has been broadcasting a regular scheduled programme of Bumpstop music. Hairtronic stations are used and T.C.Y. operated by the collarstud tripod (seen in photograph) and Flying Sayso's. The P.O.P's and Wanderbug collisters and federation of musical isotopes have also been very much engaged in building intruments and apparatus which is used to paddle the airwaves each night from midnight until the early hours.

In Italian thanks to Babelfish-

I vostri lettori potrebbero gradire sapere circa Dentalayer radiofonico all'istituto di Whalerpoly, Troy. V.C. che sta trasmettendo per radio un programma previsto normale di musica di Bumpstop. Le stazioni di Hairtronic sono usate e T.C.Y. funzionate dal treppiedi del collarstud (visto in fotografia) e dal volo Sayso. I collisters di Wanderbug e di P.O.P's e la federazione degli isotopi musicali inoltre molto molto sono stati agganciati in intruments ed apparecchiatura della costruzione che รจ utilizzata per remare i airwaves ogni notte dalla mezzanotte fino alle ore in anticipo.


cemenTIMental said...


This blog and scrapiteria just got mentioned on metafilter so you might get a bit of an influx of visitors!?

michael said...

The more the merrier. Thanks for the link Tim. I shall have to get my glippers on and make some more collages!