Monday, November 21, 2005

Rabbit Hats in Paris Fashion Week.

Pesky Rabbits ATC
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Yes, Paris once again is the focal point with all that is fashionable in design and hattiness. These parisian models sway and slinky up the cat walk, purring as they go with their new A La Mode Lapin de Cap on their heads. Famed hat designer and part time carpet salesman Antoinne de Naff is seen leading his troupe of lovelies into their routine with music by Philippe Honke de Carotte. The pulsating rhythyms fill the air and the rabbits join in too with a fantastic display of miniature crochet using woodlice as balls and stick insects as the hoops.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Evil Alien Diary

Evil Alien Diary
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What do aliens wear under their kilts?

Is it-

1. Why fronts?

2. A thong at twilight

3. Tentacles

4. An Eenie Weenie Teeny Yellow Polka Dot Pannini

5. Ex- slacks

6. Granma's seedy bloomers

Mr.Fakir At Home

Mr. Fakir relaxes at home after a hard day at his Bed 'O Nails supermarket he started ten years ago with his brother Sid. The store specialises in all the needs of the amateur and professional magicians and conjurors. Besides the beds of nails, the big sellers are the Indian Rope Trick, Walking on Hot Coals, Sword Swallowing and Fire eating essentials. Mr. Fakir tells us the new store has special departments for cheek piercing, tongue twisting, nose grabbing and cauliflower ear cultivation.

Italian translation via Babelkish -

Il sig. Fakir si distende nel paese dopo un giorno duro supermercato che dei chiodi della O alla sua base 'ha iniziato dieci anni fa con il suo fratello Sid. Il deposito si specializza in tutti i bisogni dei maghi e dei conjurors dilettanti e professionali. Oltre alle basi dei chiodi, i venditori grandi sono il trucco indiano della corda, ambulante sui carboni caldi, swallowing della spada e sul fuoco mangianti il necessario. Il sig. Fakir ci dice che il nuovo deposito abbia reparti speciali per piercing della guancica, linguetta che torce, afferrare del naso e coltura dell'orecchio di cavolfiore.