Sunday, September 18, 2005

Crab Dresser Monthly

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A new periodical hits the newsagents this week aimed at another minority group. The new batch of publications including Kipper Talk and Prawn News have all done well and increased their circulations tenfold since they first started so no reason Crab Dresser shouldn't do as well.

For our Italian crab lovers-

Un nuovo periodico colpisce i newsagents che questa settimana ha puntato su un altro gruppo di minoranza. La nuova serie di pubblicazioni compreso il colloquio di Kipper e le notizie tutte del gamberetto hanno fatto bene ed hanno aumentato le loro circolazioni dieci volte da quando in primo luogo hanno cominciato in modo da nessun'apprettatrice del granchio di motivo non dovrebbe fare bene.


Cate said...

I'm sure Crab Dresser will do very well. There is probably a larger audience for Crustacean Corsets than one would think. However, the model on the cover seems to have crawled in her bustier from the wrong end. (Or maybe she's just older than she looks.)

michael said...

You are as mad as i am cate!

Cate said...

Will the next issue feature ads FOR Sea Monkeys or BY Sea Monkeys?

michael said...

Archie had some Sea Monkeys recently but he neglected them and they all died. Very sad. We were going to have a funeral but we couldn't find them. Maybe they got fed up with being left alone and climbed out of the tank and ran off to sea?

Il archie ha avuto recentemente alcune scimmie del mare ma le ha trascurate ed interamente sono morto. Molto triste. Stavamo andando avere un funerale ma non potremmo trovarli. Forse hanno ottenuto il fed in su con essere andato da solo ed essere arrampicata dal carro armato ed essere colato al mare?

Cate said...

I got some for my daughter to use in her classroom aquarium when her second graders were studing about the ocean.

I expected to see cute little mermen type creatures with funny smiling faces like those shown in all the ads in comic books, but instead we got transparent little shrimpies wearing pale pink lingerie and pasties.
Quite unsuitable for children, but perfect for Crab Dresser.

Cocaine Jesus said...

Having read some of the comments here I think it best that I leave and at speed too before I catch something unpleasant like, er...crabs.

scrapatorium said...

I heard this magazine was popular with the private sector, but did lousey with the pubic.

michael said...

Urrgh! Now I feel all itchy and scratchy!