Saturday, June 04, 2005

Doctor Spudwick's Nose Hair Collection

I am delighted to say that a rare clip of film has been discovered in the vaults of a Tasmanian Walnut Whip factory and although badly deteriorated it has been digitally buffed up in the Tasmanian Film Institutes Buffing department and you can see it HERE!

Burbs spoof
And here is the Italian translation-
Nose Hair Collection del dottore Spudwick mi diletto per dire che una clip rara della pellicola è stata scoperta nelle volte di una fabbrica tasmaniana della frusta della noce ed anche se male deteriorato esso digitalmente è stato lucidato in su negli istituti tasmaniani della pellicola che lucidano il reparto.


R said...

A nosehair wig for everyone!

Duane Kuss said...

Okay... you've got my curiosity... what inspired the theme for this flick... ?

Another great creative moment... thanks for sharing.


michael said...

I've been taking small snippets of film with my cheap digital camera just lately and pointing it at the tv seemed a good idea especially when there is two people having a dialogue of somekind. I've always admired people who can mimic and do funny voices, Peter Cook,Peter sellers etc. so fun to try out these things and learn about videoblogging at the same time. I just made it up on the spur of the moment. I think you can tell!