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Doris The Modified Dog

Doris the modified dog presented herself to the half chicken in charge, turned round three times and settled herself down in the cool space under the sink. The half chicken clucked, chirped, squeaked and let out a low moaning sort of bellow and squinted at the monkey rifling through his deep pockets for conkers. The long armed monkey stretched his long fingers into the deepest recesses of the pockets and pulled out handfuls of fluff, bus tickets and sticky bull's eyes. He laid them carefully at the feet of the half chicken who made a sound not unlike a coughing ferret. "What no conkers?" he squeaked.
Dories the modified dog laughed quietly to herself and rattled her lid with keen anticipation.

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Straight from Craggy Island.

Friday, June 24, 2011


The rules are simple -

You need - 1. A pointed passe-partout strengthener
2. Some cobbled ear flaps
3. Padded grill plates
4. 14 Single melted wheel grips

Take point B and fold over to meet point A. Score along the dotted line and fan the three edges with a folded napkin. Bend knees and join back to the front of the third edge of the fifth folded crease marked X . Scumble the fine print. Fold the fifth edge to join plate M . Fold and crease the line E so that it meets the folded edge of the back of the knees marked Y.

Now you are set to enjoy your first rummage.
Place your solo plan D into the mixing pot. Shake the dice and cut the cards and bend the folded edge of C to meet the pointed P.
Take turns the squeak the notes on the back of card marked with a quill.
Folds are now open for frobbage.
The first to meet the circular filberts will be the winner.

Kosmic Strip

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


"Hoagart Smith was born in 1924 in Plainsville, New York in 1923 and spent his early life going from town to town in a travelling vaudeville and medicine show his parents ran until 1938. His father, Haggio Smith was a contortionist and trombone player and his mother played the accordion whilst juggling small animals, mostly rats or any small rodents they could lay their hands on. This was the height of the depression and sometimes they had to make do with dead rats and sometimes even cockroaches. Hoagart grew up in this atmostphere of freewheeling lunacy and this he shaped into an act of his own by the time he was 9. Having taught himself to yodel and play the tuba he was billed as the Infant Prodigy - Hoagart.
When he was 23 he dropped the Infant Prodigy and became just Hoagart. He made several obscure and rare recordings for the defunct Prattle label in the 50's and these rare acetates came to light just recently in the basement of a dried fish stall being demolished in Brooklyn."

Hoagart - Side Two

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rem Goriller

Soundtrack album from the film of the same name. The strange story of a country and western star( Farly Horsejowel ) who discovers a potion in the Black Hills of Dakota - in a little ol' shack inhabited by a tiny fiddlin' fool ( Danny DeVito ). The potion has the power to turn the voice of whoever drinks it into a cross between Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. The side-effects though are pretty horrible as the star finds out when one day on the Grande Ol' Opry he turns into a raging monster and bites the head off Ernest Tubb.

Batman v Fancy Biscuits

In this rare Turkish version of a Batman serial from the 60's. Batman ( Oleg Klunes ) is forced out of retirement to do battle with Ginger Nut ( Sven Ganoosh ) and his henchmen who have taken over a biscuit factory in Istanbul and making toxic Cream Crackers and Cheesy Wotsits. Things are complicated when Batman is sucked into a time tunnel in the factory's Jam Injection department and ends up in Edvard Munch's studio in Berlin in 1892.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

File Under "Emergency Beard"

How to get a head in advertising.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

'ello 'ello?

Whats all this then? A nasty case of missing leg found again. I wonder if the body is attached? Quick, call the Leg Police.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Naughty Monks

Have you spotted these naughty monks tittering in your area? If so please phone Lubbock 67756 and ask for Father Quinn.

Who Stole Our Trousers?

A trouser thief is still on the loose in Basingstoke. The local constabulary were criticised by Basingstoke Council for not getting to the bottom of this problem and even suffering losses in the trouser department themselves. Coucillor Elkwood Spink said " The situation vis a vis the theft of trousers is getting comepetely out of hand. I know several people have reported trouser loss but the police seem unable to apprehend the criminal gang responsible. I hear trousers are being sold on Ebay for three or four times the going rate. Rare trousers of sailors, airmen, firemen and policemen are fetching high prices."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Christmas Catalogue

Cruisin' Shoes

Cruisin' Shoes

I'm cruisin' with my buddies
In my loafers and my daps
I've filled up on gas and socks
Gonna do a hundred laps

Polished up my plimpers
And laced up all my holes
Drive like a flaming flip flop
To the very inner soles

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love Letter

Dear Mildred,

Forgive the haste in which I put projectile ink pellet to paper but I have a lecture to give at 12-30 in the College Of Inventors. My sweet little dust cloud. I can see you now - your feather duster all a quiver , darting about among the cobwebs of the refectory. How it grates on my nodules that you have to do such tiresome work. So much so - I have invented a new improved dusting device you must try when next we meet - my little vacuum nozzle! It's a web twizzler attached to an old egg beater I have cunningly contrived with the aid of several elastic bands and a cheese grater geared to the motor of a disused flannel mangle. It will, I hope for have not yet tried it, make life so much more easier in your daily grindage.
Have you tried the Instant Polish Squeegee yet? I have a new version you can try with an attachable wire brush for all those tricky corners. Particularly good for the undersides of tall boys.

Until we meet agin my carbolic angel, Yours lovengly, Professor Albert T. Bunk