Sunday, October 23, 2005

Brain Tap Shuffler

Portable computers have taken that leap into the future and the Brain Tap Shuffler is here! Just a small operation under local anesthetic and your Brain Tap Shuffler is fitted and you will have music, video and e-mail directly linked to the cerebral cortex, so no need for eye strain looking at those pixels all day! See it all in your head! The minor side effects can be virtually eliminated by a steady stream of powerful drugs which come as a package with the Brain Tap Shuffler DeLuxe Geek Pack! Buy one today!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Captain Diabolo

Captain Diabolo
Originally uploaded by wastedpapiers.
A new super hero is in town and his name is Captain Diabolo! His side-kick is a talking cockatoo called Sidney. His special powers include juggling hamsters and being able to see around corners using a prism built into the special corset he wears at all times. His main power though ofcourse is the diabolo "The Devil's Plaything" which he can manipulate in so many different and alarming ways to turn back time, to strangle his enemys and to play tunes, not unlike a singing saw!
Beware villians and law breakers - Captain Diabolo is here to foil your evil doings!

Italian translation thanks to Babelfish-
Un nuovo hero eccellente è in città ed il suo nome è capitano Diabolo! Il suo side-kick è un cockatoo di comunicazione denominato Sidney. Le sue alimentazioni speciali includono i criceti di manipolazione e potere vedere intorno ai angoli usando un prisma costruito nel corsetto che speciale porta sempre. La sua alimentazione di rete benchè il ofcourse fosse il plaything il diabolo "del diavolo" che può maneggiare in tanti differenti ed i sensi alarming girare indietro cronometrano, per strangolare i suoi enemys e per giocare le arie, non diverso di un canto ha visto! Guardisi dai villians e dai violatori della legge - il capitano Diabolo è qui sventare i vostri doings diabolici!

Thursday, October 06, 2005


The Chinese National Opera presents a a work by Fung Tin Him on a rare cardboard disc from 1898 found in a old disused Noodle Straightening parlour in Shangkai. This is the story of May Fang who is forced into and unholy alliance with a chop stick salesman called Won Flat Ho. They travel the far provinces of Fleng Dweng in a rickhsaw made of old reconstituted rice pudding tins and its about their adventures- gathering birds nests and flannel leg warmers and the ultimate sacrifice they have to make in the wake of the Flakkit Ching Uprising of 1904. Here is a small sample of the opening aria. Find it HERE.

Sunday, October 02, 2005