Sunday, May 29, 2005

Battery Driven Blips

Have test borings made which, poets feign,
Fire hydrants mean main-
Well drained soil which flings
The beam of radio waves it's purpled things
In gulfs rotates like saucers siren sings.
The blips that lie bare,
Where the boiled egg sliced lengthwise
(weird with wear.)

It's webs of strong rubber more unfurl;
Wrecked is the gallon of turps.
Mufflers chambered cell,
Twin tailpipes extending life was wont to (dwell)

As the secret of the compact folding shell,
That chimney was revealed-
It's irised ceiling modern midget buzz plant (unsealed!)


michael said...

Here is the Italian translation thanks to Babelfish-

Faccia i borings che, poets finga, terreno vuotato principale-Bene della prova di media dei idranti di fuoco che scaglia il fascio delle onde radio che è purpled le cose in golfi ruota come i piattini la sirena canta. I blips che si trovano nudo, dove l'uovo bollito ha affettato longitudinalmente (bizzarro con usura.) È fotoricettori di gomma forte di più unfurl; È rovinato il gallone dei turps. La cellula a temperatura ambiente dei silenziatori, tubi di scappamento Gemellati che prolungano la vita era non (abitazione) Come il segreto delle coperture piegantesi compatte, quel camino era rivel- ha iridato la pianta minuscola moderna di ronzio del soffitto (non sigillata!)

Syl said...

totally fun reading, Michael! and finally some of your poetry!

michael said...

Poetry is a bit strong a word for what I write Syl. Nice of you to say so though. They are more akin to collage as they are words cut up and thrown in air and glued down and moved about. Wendy Cope said she liked them which I thought was a great compliment, but maybe she was just trying to humour me?!

Roger Stevens said...

Sure it's poetry. Love the new blog. The curios pictures work really well in the blog space don't they.

A triumph - The Daily Blog

michael said...

Its a cruel blancmanche in a wiry world of fraddled hairpins.